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This park is designed to allow our visitors to get face to face with different types of animals for interaction opportunities which are not available at other zoos. In many cases, feeding and contact with the animals is encouraged which even further enhances your animal experience. Leave your binoculars at home but don't forget your camera for those once in a lifetime photo opportunities.

Our Commitment to the Animals

All of our animals are provided with quality nutrition and health care programs and a clean facility
We provide our animals with more than double the space required by the Department of Agriculture
Our animals have a sanctuary available to them at all times. When they come to you it's because they want to
We reserve the right to refuse admission or to dismiss from the park any person who, in our opinion, poses a threat to the    well-being of our animals
Due to nutritional balance and animal safety laws, only food provided by Living Treasures Animal Park may enter the part to    be fed to our animals



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